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              Hongze Lianhe Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd
              ABOUT US


               Hongze Lianhe Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd  is a large textile enterprise,who integrates the production, sale and international trade of chemical fiber textiles.  Enterprise is located in Hongze Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province
                  We have two factories and  equipped with 80 sets advanced performance polyester machine, 200 employees.  At present, we have formed the largest chemical fiber texturing production base in the north of Jiangsu Province and even the north of Yangtze River.  We have become a very strong brand strength benchmarking enterprises.
              We mainly produce: LTY Yarn,PBT Yarn,Polyester DTY, Recycled Polyester Yarn,Cationic,and Plied Yarn.

              Vision: To be the leader of  chemical fiber texturing enterprise
              Mission:To create value for customers and create happiness for employees
              Cultural core values: attention to detail, the pursuit of reasonable, unity with innovation, efficient implementation